Social Media: To Do or Not to Do

Today’s society revolves around social media in one form or another. Nearly every person that you meet has one form of social media whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or someone who watches videos on Youtube. Based on the popularity and convenience of social media it would only make sense for a business to get involved in the everyday bustle of life on the internet. Although many companies and businesses thrive on the popularity that social media has become, some companies are very hesitant and resistant to join the social market; they are in fact hurting themselves in their business endeavors.

There are more companies using social media to promote themselves and their brand versus companies that do not use these resources. This means that those businesses that are not using social media are missing out on an entire diverse customer base and niche to get their name out. A surprising 58% of companies use social media as an advertisement for their business with only 21% of businesses reporting that they have plans of using social media. What is even more shocking about the statistics is that a mere 12% of the businesses using social media have claimed that they are successfully using social media. The other 88% of business say that they are not or are at least on their way to using social media the proper way when it comes to the business side of things.


Now I’m not saying to go jumping the gun by creating a business Facebook profile and immediately start requesting individuals to like your page; this is not what social media is all about. It is important to pick one or two sites and dedicating time to only those that will work for your company’s goals and marketing strategies. It is important to know what social media is really set out to accomplish on a business level. It is not a platform for selling and advertising on a daily basis to every new “liker” that comes your way, but rather a way to show your followers the personal side of you, your company, and  its employees and the “behind the scenes” of your company’s brand.

A lot of new businesses mistake social media marketing for a free way to advertise and get their products out there, which in a sense it is; however, if not used properly the only success you will have is wasting time and money while pushing potential customers and clients away. Most people do not get on social media to be bombarded with advertisements, but rather to get to know people and connect with them. Social media should be used to allow your followers and potential clients to get to know you and your business on a personal level by showing them inside your company parties, weekend business trips, and plans for the future. People crave personal information. By putting your company out there on a personal level it allows them to connect and relate; which ultimately puts your company on a higher level of importance to those followers.

Now coming from someone working for a company that is just now jumping on the social network bandwagon, take it from me, your business needs social media. “Better late than never” is a great motto, but seriously, the sooner the better. You are missing out on an entire network of potential and allowing all of your competitors to sweep the market. Your clients, your customers, your future employees or advocates, they need you to have a social media site. Some things are not always worth following the crowd on, but social media has been around long enough with plenty of statistics to say, there is no time like the present.


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Is there Room for Intuition in Business?


Emerald 06 Yoho PassI had hiked for about an hour and despite being sweaty and tired I felt exhilarated.  It was a beautiful day and there I was sitting on a rock on the side of a glorious mountain.  I was meditating, feeling one with nature and in the midst of that quiet the answer to a question that had been troubling me appeared.  Whamo! My intuition served up the perfect answer and I was stunned by the simplicity and wondered why I hadn’t thought of that answer before!

One of the great challenges in business and in life is to be able to find the time for quiet contemplation.  Too often we are rushed.  We try to pack it all in.  As overachievers we never have idle time because there is always something left undone or something that could be more perfect.  We try to find the elusive work/life balance because we don’t…

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